What’s Neil deGrasse Tyson doing on Ben Shapiro’s podcast? (book tour style)


EXCERPT: On Sunday, Neil deGrasse Tyson will appear on an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show. According to a promo clip, they’ll be “talking about everything from physics to climate change to abortion to transgenderism,” Shapiro, the conservative firebrand who is known for antagonizing liberals, says. “We’ll get in all sorts of trouble.” Tyson sits in a chair across from him, nodding and bursting into a laugh at the end.

The chumminess between the two men seems to have already bothered some of Tyson’s co-workers. ... Tyson is selling a new book, Letters From an Astrophysicist, in which he shares “correspondence with people across the globe who have sought him out in search of answers,” according to the Amazon page.

[...] Tyson has a more delicate task this time around, as it’s his first book after being accused of sexual misconduct. ... after a year of staying (relatively) quiet, at least in terms of major interviews, this week of book press is serving the dual purpose as a mini redemption tour. ... on Sunday, he’ll likely do the same thing on Shapiro’s show.

In some respects, it’s a perfect place for him to continue this tour: Shapiro and Tyson are rather alike in their insistence on their own viewpoints as rational and therefore correct. “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” reads Shapiro’s pinned tweet. That sentiment parallels a famous Tyson quote, “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

Shapiro was recently in the news for questioning the validity of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers on the basis of what he saw as a lack of evidence, despite extensive reporting corroborating the women’s stories. Like Tyson, he picks and chooses what counts as evidence in these situations, and then performs objectivity. It shouldn’t be surprising that Tyson is including him as a stop on his book tour. (MORE - details)
This is just some Slate writer (a left-wing ideologue almost by definition) expressing displeasure that Neil Tyson would appear on a politically incorrect venue. It's ironic (but unsurprising) coming from those who love to pose as the open-minded, tolerant and reasonable ones who love diversity (not ideological diversity, it seems).

Seriously, if the worst that she can say about Ben Shapiro is that he defended Brett Kavanaugh, then Shapiro must be a saint. I defend Kavanaugh as well.

We all know that the idea of Donald Trump nominating a Supreme Court Justice scared the unholy crap out of the left. Despite the fact that Kavanaugh is pretty much a judicial moderate. (More so than Barack Obama's nominees.) So the left-ideologues will say anything, no matter how false simply in hopes of discrediting him. That's all that is: Fear/hatred for political opponents, emotional hysteria that preempts any other ethical consideration.

Neil Tyson can appear anywhere he likes. He can talk to anyone he wants to. I respect both Tyson and Shapiro for their willingness to talk to those who are supposed to be political enemies. That shows that they are both more intellectually mature and admirable people than this young Slate writer. Who is supposed to be a Slate science and technology writer (she has a BS in physics from McGill) but rarely seems to write about science, except very tangentially.

Neil Tyson lives in real life, where differences of opinion and diversity of views exist. Very unlike the Slate writing and editorial staff I'd guess.
(Oct 12, 2019 07:27 PM)Secular Sanity Wrote: Toss in Ellen Degeneres, too. She’s funny!

And she's right, about being friends with people who don't agree with you about everything.
I like Shapiro, and I might like Tyson, if I knew him personally. But Tyson's such a pompous ass I won't be watching the Shapiro interview. But then, I also had no interest in Shapiro's interview of Meghan McCain.

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