Andrew Yang addresses California quakes + Russian media mock Trump's celebration

Andrew Yang addresses natural disasters in wake of California earthquakes (USA community)

EXCERPT: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to Twitter to discuss the importance of addressing natural disasters that can be reduced or prevented. (... ...) “In the wake of the earthquakes in California, we should be mindful of the natural disasters we can actually reduce or prevent, including wildfires that are in part the result of forest management practices,” he said.

One of Yang’s policies addresses wildfires and echoes the beliefs of his campaign, which focuses on providing a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 per month and is often touted by Yang as an investment into the people — or shareholders — of the United States.

Yang claims that as President, he would quintuple the U.S. Forest Service budget to create jobs in what he believes is an area that is in dire need of investment. “Let’s solve these problems instead of waiting for them to develop into literal fires,” his policy page reads.

[...] Following his appearance at last week’s Thursday debate, Yang received a boost of 108,000 Twitter followers for a 32 percent increase. (MORE - details)

Russian State Media Mocked Trump’s July 4 Celebration (USA community)

EXCERPT: President Donald Trump saw it as an opportunity to showcase what he characterized as America’s strength. But for journalists working for Russia’s state-run media it was the perfect time for a little trolling. Specifically, talking heads on Russian news channel Rossiya 24 and the program 60 Minutes mocked the military equipment that was on display as laughably out of date and the parade itself as “low energy” and “weak,” according to journalist Julia Davis. [...] A co-host of the show said that the tanks on display were “used during World War II and withdrawn from service in 1957.”

[...] This is hardly the first time Russia’s state-run media has mocked Trump. Last year, journalists on Russia 24 celebrated after Trump reportedly said Crimea should be seen as part of Russia because people there speak Russian. “Crimea is ours, Trump is ours!” the hosts said. (MORE)
Andrew Yang thinks that earthquakes are preventable? (Probably caused by global warming, right.)

Actually, I think that he might have a point with regards to forest and brushland management practices. One reason why fires have become so bad in California is that any and all fires are zealously suppressed.

But fires have occurred naturally since long before humans appeared on the scene and forests have evolved to be fire resistant. Fires perform the valuable ecological function of clearing brush and preventing it from overgrowing. When that happens and weather turns dry, it turns into a huge buildup of dry tinder.

So they really need to allow natural fires to burn periodically, or when that's not practical, use controlled burns.
But it's not the job of federal tax dollars to perform routine maintenance on things like overgrown and aging power lines in a particular state. That's for California's taxpayers to sort out.

And to be fair, I assume he means building codes that require things like shear walls, etc. to mediate earthquake damage. Not prevent earthquakes themselves...unless he's talking about fracking bans.

But yeah, controlled burns during less windy seasons would be smart.

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