Ideology: UNSW urges lying about arrival date of Aboriginals to protect feelings


EXCERPT: . . . The “advice” of UNSW, a respected Australian University, is reprehensible, for it urges scientists to dissimulate about where Australia’s inhabitants came from to protect their feelings and avoid contradicting their origin myths. But it’s too bad if people’s feelings are hurt by the truth, especially when the truth is an important part of anthropology and history.

It is as if, in America, anthropology and evolution professors were told to avoid saying that hominins evolved from our common ancestor with chimpanzees beginning about six million years ago. After all, such a statement would hurt the feelings of the 38% of Americans who adhere to young-Earth creationism as described in Genesis. And surely that is a higher percentage of Americans than of aboriginals in the Australian population.

In an issue like this, there can be no compromise with truth, no catering to the false beliefs of minority groups. It’s doubly shameful that this initiative came in part from Dean Emma Johnston, who has a background in estaurine science.

But science is not a form of postmodernism in which all truths are equal. And a truth universally acknowledge by those who have studied the data is that the ancestors of indigenous Australians came to the continent roughly 50,000 years ago. Shame on you, University of New South Wales and Dean Johnston! I hope, and trust, that the University scientists will ignore your ridiculous guidelines. (MORE - details)
Ok to use DNA analysis to find a bad guy but not their origins, lest we bruise feelings? Truth takes a back seat to emotion?

This seems on par with a participation medal in some ways. Crissakes, how fragile are we?

Quote: Dean Emma Johnston, who has a background in estaurine science.

Shouldn’t it be estuarine. If indeed this is a spelling mistake then the article loses some steam.

(In its intended facetious tone, my signature rings true.)

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