The French town on the edge of a giant Green Hole


INTRO: On the lip of a lush cliff in Aveyron hides a place exempt from logic. Granted we’re not scientifically inclined, but there has to be some kind of sorcery bubbling under the bedrock of Bozouls, the ancient French village that’s been teetering on the edge of a massive hole – without totally crumbling in on itself – for about 1,000 years. Bozouls endures as one of the country’s rarest and most overlooked gems, a place as entertaining to see as it is to say (Boz-oole). Today, we’re diving head-first into the depths of the town that time forgot, to meander its cobblestone streets and knock on the doors of its castle ruins. (MORE - details, images)

[Image: 17393872271_c26316ed4d_o-1-930x698.jpg]

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