One million people are diagnosed with an STI every day, according to WHO


Tallulah Bankhead: "How do you get laid in this dreadful place?"

Irving Thalberg: "I'm sure you'll have no problem. Ask anyone."

EXCERPT: Hearing that you’ve contracted a sexually transmitted infection is obviously not great news, but it’s a reality for up to a million people every single day. A new report from the World Health Organization emphasizes the insanely high rate of new STI diagnoses while urging sexually active individuals to put their health and the wellbeing of their partners first.

The research paints a dire picture for sexual health advocates, using the most recent data available to show that the top four sexual transmitted infections are claiming an incredible number of victims, and the trend is troubling. [...] “We’re seeing a concerning lack of progress in stopping the spread of sexually transmitted infections worldwide,” said Dr. Peter Salama of the World Health Organization said in a statement. “This is a wake-up call for a concerted effort to ensure everyone, everywhere can access the services they need to prevent and treat these debilitating diseases.” (MORE)

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