Real pastor holds church in VR, digitally baptises anime girl (DIY surreality)


EXCERPT: . . . Fellow YouTuber Drumsy, appearing in VRChat as a busty, pink-haired anime girl in a pastel suit, undergoes a digital baptism by crouching underwater for a few seconds as DJ Soto describes the symbolism of the ceremony. You can see Drumsy’s own perspective of the baptism on YouTube [below], or see Syrmor’s full video. After the baptism, a banana hugs Drumsy. A tiny cat asks how Drumsy feels – “I feel like I’m out of breath. I feel like I just had an experience.” Then SpongeBob hops into the baptism pool, soaks up all the water, and runs away. It is, again, absolutely absurd and absolutely earnest. Soto himself has been retweeting these videos in between announcements of his VR church schedule, so even with some accounting for the wild gags in these videos, it seems he’s glad they’re out there. (MORE)

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