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Sooo, Westworld. I've started watching this series, at the urging of a friend. So many questions. I'm not quite sure if I ''like'' it just yet, but I'm intrigued.

A couple of questions swirling around in my mind so far:

Could a programmed machine, deviate from its ''script'' and evolve into its own ''being?''

Might AI ever become self-aware? Are the machines that are part of WW at all self-aware, or at least the older ones who've had more ''experiences'' and ''memories'' than the newer models?

Is it immoral to play a game whereby the players are permitted to act out any and all deviant fantasies with/against the machines? (ie: rape, murder, etc) - I find it to be immoral, despite the fact the robots are not capable of feeling pain, sadness, etc. (but they are as realistic as humans, in terms of reactions, expressing feelings, etc)

So many questions. I'll have to keep watching, but it's a bit creepy, and unsettling. Maybe that's the point?

Don't tell me anything, please. I've only watched the first episode of Season 1. lol
Speaking of show recommendations, Locke & Key, The Witcher (sadly only one season each), and Letterkenny (something like seven seasons) are all worthy diversions for those with extra time on their hands.

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