Fracking: Earthquakes triggered in slow slipping, domino-like fashion

(May 4, 2019 11:46 PM)RainbowUnicorn Wrote: i wonder how many billions of liters of drinking water they have contaminated and wasted by doing this.
the vast mind boggling waste of drinking water and the contamination of clean water is past my ability to mentally compute.

the hydrollic destabilization of geological strength in entire regions was soo vast that i decided to just ignore the entire situation around 15 years ago.

i am guessing that the chickens are coming back to roost in the state where they have the flattest water table and the most amount of oil drilling.

now the elephant in the room is what happens after the earth quakes...
entire towns swallowed in massive sink holes ?

entire main highways swallowed in massive sink holes cutting off towns and citys ?

i am looking for a list of how many oil wells there are in Oklahoma

Natural Gas Producing Wells 46,927 wells

Yah, it's nuts in the long-run for potentially a variety of reasons. But so is resource acquisition and contamination/pollution in general for the sake of technological progress, or just the mere maintenance of the current situation. But only a handful of ascetics are ever going to give up their modern life and conveniences (communists over the decades couldn't even uphold carting cement to the frameworks of dam projects in hand-pushed wheelbarrows).

So one can only hope we eventually get advanced enough, before destroying ourselves, to repair the damage (which affluent nations can arguably already do to a limited extent). Genetically engineering extinct animals, fusion power, and countless semi-autonomous robot and nanite workers doing the refurbishing or re-terraforming labor. But by then, of course, humans will probably have replaced ourselves with something we incrementally invented. Or be lingering around as cyborgs or synthetic organisms at best. Or consist of virtual descendants in simulated realities of quantum computers (reduced to playthings of outer-level artilect gods whose artificial existence is perfectly adapted to the radically altered environment outputted by resource ravaging).
Drinking water wells are only 100-500 feet deep, whereas fracking waste water injections are thousands of feet deep. So again, you'd have to show evidence of contamination from one to the other for your irrational fears to be taken seriously.

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