DIY urban gardening hacks for small spaces (UK)


EXCERPT: Small gardens are often seen as having little or no scope for design. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can squeeze a lot into a small plot: be bold, be strong, ensure a lavish backbone of evergreens with spring colour to enliven spirits after the long winter gloom – and don’t forget to incorporate scent. But remember, in small gardens, less is often more: it’s better to do one thing well rather than a lot in a muddled fashion. [...]

Compact gardens: dos and don’ts

Do... set a budget and try to stick to it. That said, have some contingency for the unexpected – say, 10%.

Consider lighting, for practical purposes and entertaining, adding an inviting look to the outdoors.

Evaluate your soil and pick plants that match the growing conditions.

Get to know your neighbours. Communication, and keeping on the right side of them, will ensure a happier outcome for all.

Don’t... create a water feature unless you have time to look after it. They are lovely but high maintenance and will turn to green gloop in the blink of an eye.

Use strange materials that are totally out of keeping with your property and the surrounding area.

Plant anything that will outgrow its space quickly, and overtake any underplanting.

Pave under trees. Roots will lift paving and decking (although decking can work under a tree with a light canopy); birds will make a mess below; and you will suffocate the tree. (MORE)

Urban Garden Design by Kate Gould is published on 9 May by Kyle Books, £20.

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