Extremist Party: House Democrats Block Vote On Bill To End Infanticide 25 TIMES

(Apr 19, 2019 12:51 AM)confused2 Wrote: In the early stages a human embryo (any embryo) has fewer human qualities than (for example) an adult slug. I don't go out of my way to kill slugs but given the choice of one, two or three lives ruined or kill the slug - I have to admit I would still find it difficult to kill the slug in cold blood. I get the impression Syne would happily bring down a deer with as many shots as it takes - something that  is way beyond my boundaries of 'acceptable'. So there's variations on the theme of wimpiness going on here.

Mrs C2 had an abortion before we met. I am glad that she did - I don't feel either of us would have been capable of bringing up a child. The precise circumstances are outside of my need (or want) to know. If you choose to address the particular  point please tread softly.

"Human qualities" is not a scientific distinction, and making moral choices on such subjective and arbitrary euphemisms is an intellectually lazy way to excuse evil.

I like venison, and would consider it somewhat immoral and hypocritical to eat anything you would never deign yourself to kill...albeit with a single well-placed shot to the heart.

Mrs C2 had the option of adoption. But young people make youthful decisions, and people should be judge by what they do/believe now, especially if it differs from their past.

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