Live Piracy Map

For those of you wanting to travel, sometimes it's a good idea knowing where the problems are in the world so you at least are prepared to make deviations in your excursion for your own safety. Whether it's business or pleasure, boating/shipping is still subjected to modern day piracy and only in recent years has there been attempts to map just how bad it actually is.
I'm surprised that there aren't any off Somalia. The anti-piracy efforts there must be having an effect.

And I'm surprised that there isn't more off Malaysia. I've heard that piracy is common in the Straits of Malacca.

There seems to be some sporadic piracy off tropical South America that I wasn't aware of.

But the world's current piracy hotspot seems to be the West African coast off Nigeria. I'd seen a few things in the news about piracy there, but didn't know that it had gotten so bad.

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