15 metaphysical films


"The study of metaphysics has almost 25 centuries of existence, when Aristotle wrote a book called “Metaphysical” about causation, form, matter and existence. According to the Greek philosopher, metaphysics isn’t just about transcendence, but in this list we will mainly focus on this subject: what’s beyond physical and material.

For that reason, it’s important to know the differences between transcendence and philosophical or poetic films. That changes everything.

The tangible is often challenged by artists, but it’s not always easy to put something transcendent and remote in culture products. Maybe Pink Floyd and John Donne are laughing about this, but, trust me, metaphysics is not for everyone. Some special touch is needed to reach the insensible. Cinema has this ability to wander into the absent and the unknown and these 15 films are great examples of that."
Thanks, I've only seen two of those. Well acquainted with the reputation of "The Seventh Seal" while ludicrously never having managed to see the thing. Reading and following the English captions of foreign films used to be a piece of cake, but nowadays I seem to always be multitasking while watching whatever item on the screen. So looks like, as far as that one goes, it's still going to remain a goal indefinitely deferred.

I've only seen the 7th Seal and 2001.

This guy's selections look more like psychological or relationship films than metaphysical films. Two people who have a strange connection? Maybe...

I think that Dark City and the first Matrix movie were definitely metaphysical films. Inception is another one. Interstellar tried to be and maybe succeeded (certainly as well as 2001).
Any of these films by Charlie Kauffman would probably rank as profound metaphysical allegories:

Synecdoche New York
Being John Malkovich
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

David Lynch films are deep meditations on the nature of reality, evil, and madness..

Lost Highway
Mullholland Drive

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