Bees commit hate crime (What's trending in the fashionable world of insect behavior?)


EXCERPT: Darnell Byrd McPherson, the mayor of Lamar, South Carolina, believed she was victimized by a racist hate crime earlier this month when she found her and her husband's cars covered in a “yellow, sticky substance.” However, local authorities and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) have since confirmed that there was no crime committed, determining the “yellow, sticky substance” to be pollen.

Nonetheless, McPherson feels she was victimized for the color of her skin. Perhaps by flowers and bees. [...] To McPherson, this was a clear hate crime due to the history of the town: “I likened it as a hate crime because No. 1, there’s a history in our town of Lamar,” she said. “It ignited some fear in my spirit. My God, who would do that?” she asked, adding, “It was something; it was just unnerving to me.”

As noted by Newsweek, McPherson clarified “that there were no words or symbols drawn on the cars. The cars were parked in the street near the end of the couple's driveway, a block and a half from Lamar’s downtown.”

[...] Though local authorities found no evidence to support McPherson’s suspicions of a hate crime, upon the mayor’s insistence that she was victimized, SLED got involved in the case. The agency quickly came to the same conclusion as local authorities and failed to even open an investigation.

[...] “What do we need to do in Lamar? I say, we need to come together,” McPherson said. “There should be something else … But there’s always these remnants of racism.”

When you're looking to be a victim, you find perpetrators...often imagined or fabricated.
Is it only people with issues that make the news? The paranoid & delusional, do they make good Sunday School teachers ......or mayors?

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