China using ‘Muslim tracker’ database, researcher says


EXCERPT: A security researcher has said that Chinese authorities are tracking the movements of 2.5 million people in Xinjiang, the autonomous Chinese territory home to Muslim minorities. [...] Dutch cybersecurity research Victor Gevers has uncovered an online database containing the names, sexes, photographs, addresses, ID numbers, birth dates and employment details of millions of people being monitored in the Xinjiang region. [...] “There is this company in China named SenseNets. They make artificial intelligence-based security software systems for face recognition, crowd analysis, and personal verification. And their business IP and millions of record of people tracking data is fully accessible to anyone,” he wrote on Twitter.

[...] Human Rights Watch has accused Beijing of subjecting Uighur Muslims and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang to intense surveillance, including being forced to hand over DNA and other biometric samples and to renounce their religion. Reports suggest that millions of Muslims could be presently held in internment camps, where they have been tortured and forced to consume substances forbidden by Islam such as pork and alcohol. In February 2018, Human Rights Watch warned that Chinese authorities in Xinjiang had been detaining suspects using predictive policing software...


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