FDA cracking down on tobacco sales to minors

What do you think about this? Since cigarettes are very addictive, I'd imagine that the earlier one starts the habit, the harder it will be to quit the habit. Odd to me though that this is really a problem, retailers not checking ID's and allowing minors to buy cigarettes. Wonder why this isn't as much of an issue when it comes to alcohol? Do you think banning tobacco products from certain violating retailers is the answer?

Considering it specifies "cigars and menthol cigarettes", the demographics of the two cities (Miami, FL & Charleston, SC) may be a significant factor. Having worked convenience stores decades ago, those two tobacco products did tend to be heavily favored by minorities. At 70% Latino and 25% Black (twice the national %), respectively, it may be a cultural influence, in which case, one dried-up source may not be enough. It ultimately comes down to who works at these stores. If they are from said culture, it wouldn't likely help in the long run...especially for only 30-day No-Tobacco-Sale Orders.

Sadly, government intervention and political blame of external factors seem to have ensured that many minority cultures don't themselves take action to correct their cultural problems. These companies hire from the surrounding community, and any attempt to "whiten" the workforce would be met with sever blow-back. So unless and until these communities address their own cultures, I doubt anything will help.

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