New technology can save billions of male chicks from yearly slaughter

(Jan 11, 2019 11:36 PM)confused2 Wrote:
Syne Wrote:Wow. What rock have you been living under?
Yeah - I see the logic (now). All lunatics are liberals and all liberals are lunatics. All liberals/lunatics are pro-abortion and vegans are clearly lunatics so they must be pro-abortion. In reality vegans are only 0.5% (or less) of the US electorate  so no politician is likely to convert to nuts and berries to win their support.
Who said vegans were lunatics? Many people turn to veganism for purely health reasons, like Kevin Smith (who just likes living, after a heart attack, a bit more than cheeseburgers). And who said anything about anyone pandering specifically to vegans?

You may have come out from under the rock, but now you're lost in the bushes.

Syne Wrote:There does seem to be a significant overlap between vegans and the pro-abortion people.
On the single issue of abortion - even if all vegans voted - I don't see their likely contribution to the result as being significant.
Again, who said anything about how vegans vote? O_o

"Significant overlap" only means that a large portion of one of the groups is also the other. Knowing the relative scarcity of vegans and simple reasoning, it follows that most vegans are pro-abortion, not that most pro-abortion are vegans. And as far as I know, the rationale there is fairly straight forward. Vegans often like animals more than people and often think that humans are the greatest enemy to animals, so killing unborn humans is good for the animals.

Quote:As far as I am aware the UK isn't 'pro-abortion'. The state will allow (and pay for) abortion on medical grounds.
I think (but don't know) medical grounds include:
I am mentally, physically and financially unable to care for a child - if I fail to terminate the pregnancy by some means I will terminate both myself and the unborn child.
I could check this but I'm not going to.

Jeez, you don't even the laws in your own damn country. Rolleyes
Even what you describe there is pro-abortion.
Perhaps another time and another thread we might look at for what reason and for whom laws are made.
(Jan 12, 2019 01:49 AM)confused2 Wrote: Perhaps another time and another thread we might look at for what reason and for whom laws are made.

Seems pointless when you don't even know your own laws on the issue nor even what pro-abortion is.

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