BFR Developments

Results of pressure test...

"Starship 9m test tank made 7.5 bar a room temp! Small leak at a weld doubler. Will be repaired & retested at cryo."

6 bar is needed for for it to work, 7.1 is what they hit last time, and 8.5 is the 40% safety margin that they need for manned flight.

Tim Dodd asks:

"Hearing you point out room temp, you think it'd have no problem holding that at cryo, right?"


"Parent material strength roughly doubles, so weld strength is the only real question mark."


"Awesome! Congrats! Feeling confident enough in the welds and manufacturing to go ahead with SN1?"



Photo from Elon.

[Image: EPUyj80W4AEkHpl?format=jpg&name=small]

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