The myth that suicides increase during holidays is dangerous


EXCERPT: . . . Stress is a part of the holiday season, so maybe that's why its a common myth that the rate of suicide increases during winter months. But it turns out, suicide rates are actually at their lowest during this time of year. A 2016 CDC report shows a decrease in suicides in November and December, while the rates peak during summer and spring.

Ellen Eggert lost four of her family members to suicide. As a prevention expert, she says the dip in suicides during the winter months may be linked to the holiday spirit. "The reason it goes down is because people are more welcoming more forgiving, people are more likely to reach out during the holidays," Eggert said. But why do we have this misconception? It's probably because of the way it's depicted in film and even the news [...]

Here's why that's more than just incorrect--it’s dangerous. Psychologists say misleading people to think that suicides increase during the holidays might have a contagious effect on people contemplating suicide. The CDC says it can also hamper prevention efforts, by disregarding support systems that people with depression need year round...

MORE (video):
Sounds like it only has the danger of shifting some summer and spring suicides to winter, rather than increasing the annual rate.
By not celebrating Christmas I am spared the depression of taking everything down afterwards. The sudden desolation of an obsolete tree and strewn wrapping paper and boxes. Things are back to normal immediately on the 26th, with no sudden let down.

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