Four emerging STIs that you can’t afford to ignore


INTRO: Although gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis grab most of the headlines, public health officials are warily watching the emergence of other bacterial sexually transmitted infections. New diseases emerge all the time, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are no exception. Here are four bacteria that could become serious public health threats. (Warning: contains a description of animal auto-fellatio. [References the article itself, not excerpts below.])

1. N. meningitidis can cause invasive meningitis, a potentially deadly infection of the brain and spinal cord’s protective membranes. [...]

2. [...] M. genitalium infection, though often symptom-free, can mimic chlamydia or gonorrhoea with persistent irritation of the urethra and cervix. Because it may trigger pelvic inflammatory disease in the female reproductive system, it has been associated with infertility, miscarriage, premature birth and even stillbirth. [...]

3. Shigella flexneri. Shigellosis (or Shigella dysentery) is passed on by direct or indirect contact with human faeces. The infection causes severe stomach cramps and explosive bouts of blood- and mucus-filled diarrhoea, which helps perpetuate transmission of the bacteria. [...]

4. Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV). [...] LGV may first produce a temporary genital pimple, blister or ulcer, and then invade the body’s lymphatic system. Rectal infection can mimic inflammatory bowel disease and lead to chronic and severe colon and rectal abnormalities such as fistulas and strictures. [...]

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