Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer

I've heard lots of things, good and bad, about this movie due out November 2. It's about former Queen lead singer Freddy Mercury, who died in 1991 of AIDS.

The movie has been in the works for more than ten years, has gone through multiple directors and multiple leading actors, usually a bad sign. At one point, they had Sasha Baron Cohen signed to play Freddy Mercury, a big mistake. But they corrected it. The actor that plays the role now looks like he has the gay aspect down.

If the movie is half as good as the the trailer, it looks like it might be dynamite.

[Image: Bohemian-Rhapsody_960x540.jpg]
Yep, for better or worse in terms of critic ratings, gotta bite the bullet and get something finally done about a Parsi of research unconfirmed F2 to F6 range crossing paths with an eventual astrophysicist guitarist.


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