Saudi interrogation DIY

Never watched *The Sopranos* until well over a decade after the series ended. Some kind of bonesaw -- either electric or a manual one like this -- was doubtless a vital instrument in some of those episodes where a corpse had to be rendered compact for transportation and disposal in small bags. Can't remember if that hapless butcher character in the 2nd season of *Fargo* used such for the gangster body his wife stuck him with or he relied largely on a cleaver.

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Quote:In the seven-minute tape, Tubaigy can reportedly be heard leading the brutal dismembering of Khashoggi's body. (Seven Minutes)

I guess when no tools at all are readily available, there's that truly DIY method exhibited in an episode of the *The Americans*. Again, pertaining to when there's a need of compact space required for transportation.

Baggage (episode title)

Last Night’s ‘The Americans’ Contained One Of The Most Brutal, Hard-To-Watch Scenes In TV History

Given my unbridled tendency to categorically conflate medical equipment with butchering equipment, here's a feeble gesture at providing differentiation.

butchery tools

surgical types

It's easy.

Cut off somebody's fingers one by one until they talk. Then cut off their head so they won't talk. Then cut their body into pieces for easy disposal.

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