Pumpkin ciders


"Just about this time every year, like clockwork, we wake up one day in mid-September and realize: Oh snap, pumpkin cider season is here again! How can that be possible when we’re still wearing tank tops and low-key debating whether to turn the AC back on or not?! Whether you love them or hate them, pumpkin ciders — along with pumpkin-everything else — start popping up left and right, as if to say, “Yes, it IS autumn and yes, you WILL celebrate with something orange and vaguely spicy in hand.”

We know there’s a lot of negativity around pumpkin spice, ranging from bewilderment to its seemingly iron-clad position in food-trends-that-won’t-die, to downright scorn. On the one hand, we get it. Does the world really need pumpkin-spiced cereal, protein bars, almonds, yogurt and peanut butter (all things we have for real seen at the grocery store)? But, on the other hand … pumpkin cider can be really and truly delicious.

Regardless of where you fall on the issue, you’re sure to encounter some pumpkin ciders in your local cidery/bar/bottle shop soon, if you haven’t already. While you may know some of the old favorites (like the pumpkin ciders from ACE and Portland Cider Co.), here are a few more to try out, though if you want to wait ’til the first frost to start channeling fall vibes, we totally get it......."
Never heard of pumpkin cider before, MR. However my daughter's best friend's mom used to bake punkin cookies for me around this time of year. They were really good. Pie too.

Once people get over any disgusting feelings they harbor about pumpkin guts, the carver's misfortune to have witnessed, I think they'll find many good recipes and products associated with the orange gourd..  I'll have to give the cider a try.

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