Google confession: Yes, we track your location, even if you turn off Location History

Google confession: Yes, we track your location, even when you turn off Location History

EXCERPT: Google clarified that it does in fact collect users' location data, even if the user's Location History setting is turned off. The admission comes days after a report uncovered the Silicon Valley giant stored the data from smartphones regardless of setting. Google revised a help page about its Location History setting, clarifying that the setting "does not affect other location services on your device" and that "some location data may be saved as part of your activity on other services, like Search and Maps." Before Thursday's edit, the page stated "the places you go are no longer stored" with the Location History setting shut off....


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How to download a copy of everything Google knows about you

EXCERPT: . . . We've already published a pretty extensive guide on how to find out everything Google knows about you. It knows a lot, particularly if you use its services such as Google Maps or search. I discovered late last year that it knows my name, gender, birthday, personal cell phone numbers, where I work, where I've been over the past several years, the types of hobbies I enjoy and more. In the archive you're about to download, you'll get a copy of nearly everything Google has stored on its servers, including Gmail contacts, Chrome bookmarks, transactions from various Google services, locations stored in Google Maps, and more....


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Privacy concerns regarding Google

Google chrome privacy issues? Everything You Need to Know

Just one more unexpected perk of not having a cellphone! I'm losing count.
All Google has is my YouTube history and age. No big deal.

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