Cell-Phone Zombies start to Attack Humans

This is from Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley.

A woman noticed a strange man in her backyard during the night. She aroused another male resident of the house and together they confronted the intruder. The intruder said he wanted to use their wifi since he had used up all of his data. When they told him to get lost, he rode off on a bicycle. Only later did they notice that a bicycle had been stolen from their yard. They called police.

Not long after, a couple asleep at home in a different house detected an intruder walking around inside their house. They confronted him and he demanded to use their wifi, since he had run out of data. One resident shoved him out of the house while the other dialed the police. The police located and arrested him. The stolen bike from the other house was nearby. The intruder had entered the house by cutting through a screen over a window, and several kitchen knives were found to be missing (luckily he didn't use them on the sleeping couple).  


My guess is that this kid (he was 17) was doing home invasion burglaries, entering what he hoped were unoccupied houses whose owners were away and stealing anything of value. The wifi thing was probably just an excuse he used when confronted.

He's lucky this was Palo Alto and not a place where he would have been more likely to get shot breaking into other people's homes at night.

(And the residents are lucky he didn't kill them).
(Jul 31, 2018 06:49 PM)Yazata Wrote: [...] The intruder said he wanted to use their wifi since he had used up all of his data. [...] Not long after, a couple [...] in a different house [...] confronted him and he demanded to use their wifi, since he had run out of data.

Back in 1986, Dan Rather would have been more baffled by that reason than his getting punched and kicked over "Kenneth, what is the frequency?".

There is the potential for "Identity Theft" being done as well through the attempted usage of other poeples wifi. Every wifi system has a MAC address and is likely connected differently to the internet through their ISP, this means that it can be seen as a unique address or identity. Through the usage of a botnet and using a mobile phone as a controller, it would be possible to launch a number of various things from fake hits and comments on review systems to make money through advertising right through attempting to generate anonymous connections for criminal acts, further still a person if they were so inclined could actually be using the internet to do internet valuations on any goods they find, even putting them to auction before they've even left the vicinity of where they've stolen it from.

So it's not just about breaking an entry, or standard theft but also the potential of fraud. (While a defendant might argue leniency for his age, a prosecutor could throw more than a book at him and make an example).

[Image: 24f6109c2fc2ce2aea8c201ef2438d44--zombie...larson.jpg]
Cell-phone zombies don't just talk on their phones, though the talkers are the worst. Talkers will plant themselves in a Starbucks as if it was their office, pull out their cell, then start calling customers one after another at the top of their lungs. Or they will sit next to you at a restaurant, ignore the person they are with while concentrating on some ghost who isn't even there. It won't stop for hours. But at least talkers show some life.

The literal walking-dead zombies are slowly lurching aimlessly and mindlessly down the sidewalk while staring at a cell phone in their hand. They will walk into Humans if you don't evade them. Sometimes they just stand motionless.

Downtown San Francisco sidewalks are populated by little besides cell-phone zombies (and rabid street lunatics). Seemingly the entire population of the city has been turned, a la World War Z. Everyone in sight is stumbling along while staring at a cell-phone, while the handful of remaining Humans cower on rooftops, hoping for helicopters to rescue them. (I'd guess that Portland has been overrun by zombies too.)

[Image: World-War-Z-Brad-Pitt-Wallpaper.jpg]

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