Physical World Conceals Universal Wavefunction

The wavefunction collapses instantaneously. If it did not, we would be perceiving two different things: prior probabilistic suspension and after probabilistic collapse. In other words, we would be perceiving the suspended states of a particular system during observation until we switch it to collapse with our mental influence. If you were to pick up the phone and call a friend and someone answers and their voice sounds recklessly immoral, and then you deny their sound with your mind and they suddenly assume a moral sound, then you have collapsed the wavefunction in the digital reality with the influence of your mind.

The probabilistic wavefunction determines the outcome that the physical world assumes.
One's mental influence can collapse the wavefunction from a suspended state as it evolves in time prior to instantaneous collapse. The immoral tone of the person's voice corresponds to the prior state of the wavefunction until collapsed to become moral by correcting one's mental outlook.

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