Electricity-free terracotta air conditioner

Looks great for India, remote Upper Latin American regions, green morality communes & cults, or the Amish who are spending all that money on 12-volt batteries and propane-powered generators just to run an ordinary fan.

But other than an office in a flea market, mechanic's garage, airy-spaced wholesale warehouse, welding shop, etc... It would take threat of grave legal penalty just to get North Americans to replace regular air conditioning with the classic straw-filled, electric-powered evaporative coolers... Much less non-electric designs. Plus they're murder on the content of some types of condiment dispensers. ("How come there's always a solid block in your saltshakers, Aunt Alice? I have to bang them against the table just to get a bit to sprinkle out.")

Be like convincing Westerners to use dung to fuel their baking/cooking ovens.
In the recent UK heat wave I tried pointing a fan at a sheet soaked in water - a fairly large wet area - it had no measurable effect. Without some sort of credible lab data I think the claims made for the apparatus in the OP are false (fake).

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