More Than 250 Newly Released Videos of Nuclear Bomb Blasts


EXCERPT: My favourite episode of David Lynch’s recent *Twin Peaks: The Return* is the innocuously titled “Gotta Light?” A lot of strange and terrifying things happen in that episode [...] This is how I felt watching a sampling of around 250 newly released videos of US atomic bomb tests uploaded to YouTube this week by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Livermore is a national defence lab that focuses on the US’s nuclear stockpile, and part of its work is digitizing and analyzing footage from past tests. The US conducted 210 domestic bomb tests between 1945 and 1962. In the intervening decades, thousands of films from these tests were left to collect dust and decompose in vaults around the country.

Now, Livermore is working to rescue these films and digitize them for preservation and analysis before they’ve deteriorated. Livermore has already declassified and uploaded hundreds of bomb test videos to the internet, which this week's dump added to significantly. The digitized videos allow the library to push stockpile science forward—the first analyses of these videos were done manually, whereas now scientists use computers—and to educate the public...


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