4th non-human primate enters its own stone age + Quit trying to find your passion?

Stunning footage captures evidence a NON-human primate has entered its own stone age, using special tools to crack open food

Experts observed white-faced capuchins in Panama’s Coiba National Park
Researchers placed camera traps on three islands to study their behaviour
Only capuchins on one island, Jicarón, exhibited the use of stone tools
This suggests some primates simply stumbled into the stone age by chance
The species is the fourth non-human primate to have made the leap

MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/a...e-age.html

Quit Trying to 'Find Your Passion', Psychologists Say, And Do This Instead

EXCERPT: . . . It doesn't work that way, psychologists say in a new paper examining the basis of people's interests. And while people might mean well when they tell you to 'find your passion', the advice isn't just a cliché, the researchers explain. It's bad advice. Why? Because belief in the notion that passion is something that's 'fixed' – ie. pre-formed and perfectly complete – can hinder people's abilities to nurture their own budding interests into full-fledged passions.

[...] In one experiment, students were categorised according to their interests, either as being into STEM topics or into arts and humanities. The more the students subscribed to a fixed view of their existing interests, the less they were able to enjoy reading an article from outside their interest, the researchers found.

In another experiment, students watched an engrossing video about astronomy and astrophysics – but when made to read a technical scientific paper on the same phenomena, their interest levels waned. However, it waned the most for students who viewed their interests as fixed, as opposed to open and capable of development....

MORE: https://www.sciencealert.com/quit-trying...xed-growth
So...otters had been it their stone age for a long time. What age are crow in who can bend a paperclip to retrieve a food pail? Iron age?
This is just anthropomorphism.

The best way to "find your passion"...try a bunch of stuff and see what sticks.

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