The Lure of Death

We have to recognize the innate genetic predisposition towards being depressed, as this new study shows:

Quote:Would you describe major depression as the inability to react with stimuli?

Possibly. Incidents of self-wounding by depressed victims come to mind. Attempts to feel something real in their bubble of sensory and emotional numbness.
My mother was terrified of dying. Her mother (my grandmother), (as she was herself dying) warned me "Your mother is terrified of death.". And so it came to pass that, with the best of medical help, she died slowly and terrified. With hindsight when asked to sedate a dying person a doctor might do the opposite for fear of being accused of hastening death.
Suicide in the name of religion. Self immolated monks, Marshall Applewhite's UFO cult, Jim Jones and the list goes on. Personally I find dying in the name of religion absolutely revolting. Yes there's probably a relationship between that and killing for religion....both disgusting behaviour. Is there a bigger lure to kill oneself then religion? Afterlife with God, idyllic surroundings, virgin supply, etc. are all pretty attractive for the believer plus it's all for an eternity.

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