More Coping Tips for Atheists at Xmas + 5 Books On Christianity & Women

More Coping Tips for Atheists at Christmas

EXCERPT: The holiday season is stressful for many, and so it is no surprise that virtually all of the psychology-related blogs share their suggestions for coping with holiday stress every December. In 2014, I wrote a post called Coping Tips for Atheists at Christmas in which I offered some suggestions for atheists who were fed up with Christian privilege or anti-atheist bigotry, tired of being reminded that most of their neighbors believe all sorts of superstitious nonsense every time they leave home, and/or sick of the church-state violations that crop up every December. My primary suggestions were aimed at young atheists who were living with their family-of-origin and being forced to participate in religious rituals in which they no longer believed. They included:

* Be patient and recognize that you will not have to do this as an adult. You will be able to create your own traditions.
* Don't try to talk your family out of their traditions while they are in the midst of celebrating. If you want to change their minds, wait until the season is over and plan ahead for next year.
* Enjoy as many parts of the holiday season as you can.
* If you are forced to participate in religious rituals you detest, adopt the role of an observer to study the bizarre scenes around you like an anthropologist might.
* Do not let anybody make you feel guilty or ashamed about enjoying any part of the holidays. Atheists have as much right to have fun as anybody else.
* If you need to re-orient yourself to reality after being surrounded by religious relatives, use social media to connect with other atheists. Many of us can relate to what you are going through.

I was prompted to revisit this topic recently after I saw a woman on Twitter saying that this is her first Christmas as an atheist and that she feels alone because her family decided that they want nothing to do with her. That sort of thing always provokes a strong combination of sadness and anger. This time, it got me thinking about what we might recommend for atheist adults who do not have family or are estranged from family and find themselves feeling lonely this time of year....


Five Books On Christianity and Women

EXCERPT: There's something very important you should know about traditional conservative biblical scholarship on the status and the roles of women in the Bible, and that is, it doesn't exist anymore. Poof! It's gone. Find me a book defending male patriarchal headship in the home or church or society and it's either not written by legitimate biblical scholars, or it gives way too much ground to current scholarship, such that traditional authors would've rejected it--or I'll be damned! There is a reason why. The traditional male headship position can no longer be maintained under critical study or research. That's because the Bible is a sexist, misogynistic book and honest biblical scholars cannot in good conscience say otherwise. Everyone should be a feminist. I am, as much as a male can be....

Saying the Bible is sexist is pure presentism, and any biblical scholar worth his salt won't fall into that fallacy.
(Dec 20, 2017 06:45 PM)C C Wrote:    * If you are forced to participate in religious rituals you detest, adopt the role of an observer to study the bizarre scenes around you like an anthropologist might.

That's hilarious. That's exactly what I do. It reminds me of this atheist meme.

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