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Firefox Quantum Isn’t Just “Copying” Chrome: It’s Much More Powerful

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EXCERPT: “If Firefox is just a copy of Chrome now, why should I use it?” That question is being asked all across the web, but its premise is wrong. Firefox Quantum isn’t just a Chrome clone—it’s Firefox, modernized. Sure, Firefox has become more like Chrome in a few ways, but it’s still more powerful and customizable than Chrome is—which are integral to Firefox’s DNA.

[...] Firefox has a good opportunity to beat Chrome here, too [extensions]. Mozilla could keep adding features for add-ons to take advantage of, giving Firefox a more advanced extension ecosystem than Chrome’s. Mozilla is already adding more APIs for WebExtensions to take use in Firefox 58, the next release of Firefox. Hopefully they keep it up. Other former extensions are, in some ways, being incorporated into Firefox itself. For example, the popular FireBug development tool has been discontinued, but it’s replaced by advanced web developer tools integrated into Firefox.

[...] Customizability is at the top of our list. Chrome’s interface doesn’t have a lot of room for configuration. [...]

[...] Is that not enough customization for you? Well, the classic about:config interface in Firefox is still around, too. It provides deep access to a lot of configuration options that just aren’t available in Chrome or other browsers. [...]

[...] Firefox Quantum turns Firefox into a modern, speedy browser (finally). Firefox Quantum uses multiple processes like Chrome, but Mozilla actually one-upped Chrome here. [...]

[...] Firefox users who preferred Firefox’s smaller number of processes and more minimal memory usage, though, can still be happy. Unlike Chrome, Firefox uses a limited number of content processes—by default, four. Mozilla says this allows Firefox to achieve 30% less memory usage than Chrome.


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