Free Accredited Online BA Degree Program

This was just brought to my attention on another board. It's pretty extraordinary, actually.

For those of you who don't have a university degree, would like to have one, but don't think that you can afford it, here's your chance.

It's a tuition-free 3-year (British style) BA program offered by Amity University in Uttar Pradesh India. It appears to be open to students anywhere in the world. There are also 15 free certificate programs, mostly in business subjects. There's no admissions process for the certificates, just start taking the classes. The BA requires that suitable evidence of secondary graduation be submitted and for students outside India, this must be evaluated by the Association of Indian Universities for equivalence to Indian standards. (That's a rule in place in India that all of their universities must follow.)

The format is 'MOOC', ('massive open online courses') consisting of recorded classroom lectures that the distance students watch over the internet, and perhaps some computer scored quizzes and stuff. I don't believe that there is any actual contact with professors. Grading is British style, by means of final written examiniations (which I believe are done by typing into computers too, but only at selected Amity centres in India and globally, where they can verify who you are. (I don't know where these are located, but I believe that some are in the US (see below).

The syllabus makes it look like a simple basic sociology degree.

This isn't an internet scam like so many too-good-to-be-true "online universities".

For one, it doesn't cost anything, so you aren't really risking anything.

For two, Amity is well known in India.

For three, it is accredited by their 'NAAC' (National Assessment and Accreditation Council). This accreditor grades the universities that it accredits and Amity received an 'A' grade.

And fourth, Amity is regionally accredited by the American Western Association of Schools and Colleges (the same accreditor that accredits Cal Tech, all of the University of California campuses and Stanford). So in American terms, what they are offering is effectively a free regionally accredited university degree. (That's unheard of.)

Amity University wants to expand in the United States and recently bought St Johns University's Long Island campus as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Art in Brookline.

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