While not Zymology, I probably should of added Cocktails to the list as Mixology or some such.

Long Island Ice Tea

This drink in local restraunts usually gets a disclaimer suggesting you can only buy up to two with a meal, however the contents should explain why:

1 part Tequilla
1 part Vodka
1 part Rum
1 part Gin
1 part Triple Sec (Orange flavoured alcohol similar to Schnapps)
1.75 part Lemon juice
2+ parts cola

Pour mixers onto ice and stir, Serve in a High Ball Glass.

Long Limey Ice Tea
2 shots Tequilla
2 shots Vodka
2 shots Rum
2 shots Gin
2 shots Triple Sec
2 shots Whiskey (in this case Jamesons)
2 shots Lemon Juice
2+ parts Pepsi max (no sugar)
slices of lime to sink to the bottom

Use a jug or beerstein, pour mixers onto ice, add lime slices and serve in the jug.

don't ask about results yet, only half way through the jug/beerstein.
I love Long Island Iced Teas. When I was in the Navy overseas in Dubai, there were some nights I blacked out after drinking a couple at the local seaman's center and woke up in my rack the next morning on my ship. That's how much they can sneak up on you. Ofcourse these were served in tumblers not glasses. Nowadays I confine myself to Mike's Harder Lemonade, the TALL cans with 8% alc content of vodka..Cheers!

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