Causal Potential in Ui Manifesting themselves as Ui Physical Effects

Reality is much bigger and much smaller than our ability to perceive allows us to see. In a letter to Rick Rosner, Chris Langan writes of a generalized universe U* of which Ui is a part of. That is, U* is an extension of Ui generated by causal regression. Where Ui "causal potential" manifests itself as Ui "physical effects". And there exists only a single tautological theory that can exist within U* to be formulated by Ui observers because the cognitive syntax of Ui is tautological. Hence for one tautological theory there remains one cognitive syntax or cognitive equivalency class within U*. For more, see the essay, specifically under "short form" here:
I would take a guess and say that if Langan had any ounce of wisdom in that intelligent mind of his, he'd probably have made it a discipline to put behind all of his emotional attachments to prevent it from interfering with his objectivity in his undertaking. Ironically, come to think of it, he did not handle opposition too well on the ARN boards. It's funny, he has a reputation for hating academia to the point where he challenges it incessantly. One claim is that the scientific models have become less interested in truth and more interested in its usefulness. The CTMU could be a kind of revenge against academia. Who knows.

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