Designed, planned & constructed by robots (video) + Don't Charge your phone overnight

Designed, Planned and Constructed by Robots (video)

EXCERPT: This home was designed, planned, and constructed with robots....

Why You Shouldn't Charge Your Mobile Phone Overnight

[...] In most cases, your phone probably needs only an hour or two to hit 100%. Leaving it plugged in longer is pointless. So what happens if you act as I assume most do, and leave your phone plugged in overnight? First, the good news. You can’t overcharge your phone’s battery, so don’t worry about that. [...]

Okay, what’s the not-so-good news? Rechargeable batteries are basically doomed from the start. Batteries in mobile devices are in constant decay from the moment they're first used, says Campos. This results in a gradual loss of their capacity, or ability to hold a charge. [...] By keeping your phone charged overnight, you’re actually increasing the amount of time your device spends with the charger, thereby degrading its capacity that much sooner....

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