Self-healing robots? + What's the Tallest Thing We Could Ever Possibly Build?

Self-healing robots? Another sci-fi concept comes closer

EXCERPT: [...] Researchers used Diels-Alder polymers in their construction to develop three applications of self-healing soft pneumatic actuators (a soft hand, a soft gripper, and artificial muscles). Using these soft materials, an inherent compliance is created, which is comparable to the biological compliance of natural organisms. The manufacturing method of the actuators exploits the self-healing behavior of the materials, these polymers were given the ability to heal microscopic and macroscopic damage, first recovering their original forms and then healing thoroughly....

What's the Tallest Thing We Could Ever Possibly Build?

EXCERPT: There will eventually come a point where we can no longer build a taller building – but what is that point? As the new video by RealLifeLore shows, it's probably taller than you think. So let's start with what already exists. [...] But what about even bigger hypothetical structures? Watch the video to find out. All we'll say is that a space elevator sounds pretty incredible....

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