Hope for drowning victims

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I read somewhere that they're saying that now there exists the real possibility to "unlock" sufferers from this devastating condition.

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(Aug 1, 2017 04:45 PM)elte Wrote: Structural and functional MRI in children resuscitated after drowning pinpoints site of anoxic brain injury    https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-07-f...-site.html

Interesting, Elte.

"When Conrad survived his accident, I was not given much hope or guidance; in fact I was encouraged to institutionalize Conrad," Tullis said. "Other families were encouraged to withdraw care. Because ABI is believed to be 'generalized' brain damage, the prevailing medical prognosis is grim and any treatment or recovery is considered too difficult if not impossible.

"The results of this study are groundbreaking," she continued. "Simply publicizing the results of Dr. Fox's research will have a huge impact on families. The fact that these children are 'in there' has never been communicated to the medical community and will improve the support we receive. The fact that this study can lead to more advancements in the understanding and treatment of ABI provides additional hope to fuel the fire of our love and dedication to our children."

Probably commercial or management policy angles that will still have to be overcome, or waiting _X_ years for the next scheduled standards and guidelines revision. Even when "We've got new data!" is substantiated, the institutional structure may have to first ensure that its own needs can adjust and have so completed adapting to the goaded changes.

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