Free tiny house for homeless veterans + House around a tree + 10 books for engineers

Free KC tiny house village for homeless veterans

EXCERPT: Kansas City nonprofit Veterans Community Project has created a 50-unit tiny house village where homeless veterans will be able to live rent free. Food and other necessities will also be provided, and counseling and classes at an outreach center on the next block will help residents get their lives back on track. The village is funded by donations from organizations and individuals (you can make one here), and the VCP seems to be spending the money very wisely. Their cost for each house is only about $10,000, and while they’re neither large nor fancy they do include perfectly serviceable kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as climate control....

House Around a Tree by A.Masow Architects

EXCERPT: Aibek Almassov from Kazakhstan, the founder of the design studio A.Masow Architects, has created this beautiful house around a tree design. The main highlight of this four-level house is a glass wall just around a fir-tree. This impressive twelve-meter transparent building project is created to bring together the elements of contemporary design and natural beauty, enabling people to take some time to have a rest from the tense bustle of the city life...

Ten books that should be in every engineer’s collection

EXCERPT: Due to the stressful nature of the profession, it is important that engineers are able to unwind regularly. A great way to do this is through reading books that can help stimulate the mind and even enhance their creativity. These are some of the books every engineer should get...

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