Loss of sleep doubles driver crash risk + Global med spending: $1.5 trillion by 2021

Missing Just 1 Hour of Sleep May Double Drivers' Crash Risk

EXCERPT: Missing just an hour or two of sleep at night nearly doubles your chances of a car crash the next day, a new report suggests. And getting behind the wheel after only four to five hours of shut-eye quadruples that risk. That's comparable to driving with a blood alcohol concentration considered legally drunk, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety researchers warned. "This is the first study to actually quantify the relationship between lack of sleep and the risk of being involved in a motor vehicle crash," said report author Brian Tefft, who added that the risk of sleep-impaired driving has long been "underestimated and underappreciated...."

Global Med Spending to Hit $1.5 Trillion by 2021

EXCERPT: Global medicine spending will reach nearly $1.5 trillion by 2021 on an invoice price basis, up nearly $370 billion from the 2016 estimated spending level, says a newly released QuintilesIMS Institute report....

Map of drugs reveals uncharted waters in search for new treatments

EXCERPT: [...] The study is the most comprehensive analysis of existing drug treatments across all diseases ever conducted. [...] The new map reveals areas where human genes and the proteins they encode could be promising targets for new treatments - and could also be used to identify where a treatment for one disease could be effective against another. The new data, published in a paper in the journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, could be used to improve treatments for all human aliments - as diverse as cancer, mental illness, chronic pain and infectious disease....

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