Vegan/Vegetarian Eateries

This is not a thread for converting people to either being Vegetarian or Vegan, however it's intended to help you should you find yourself in a part of the world with someone who is vegan or Vegetarian and you want to find a restaurant that caters to all.

Mellow Mushroom  (locations: Throughout US)
Pizza's, takeaway and Catering (apparently)

The Cafe (Location: Key West, Florida Keys)
Covers a wide variety of foods, from breakfasts to desserts.  (Including a Vegan Key Lime Pie... Yum!)

I'll add more when I find more.
Awesome! Thanks for posting this thread! With the holidays approaching it'd be nice to make some vegan dishes that will fool all of my meat lover friends. Big Grin
Well, if you're a vegan or vegetarian and you don't want meat products in your food, then don't go to regular restaurants..because, frankly, they give zero fucks about cross contamination. I'm a manger of a sandwich shop, and I genuinely care about my Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or Vegan customers..or anybody else that has a dietary restriction. But my employees don't give a fuck...They will cut a veggie sandwich with a knife tainted with tuna, and think nothing of it.
I hadn't even considered cross contamination, wow! Thanks for sharing that macgyver! It's not a huge deal, but that's actually gross, in general. lol
I just got reminded to get some mushrooms today from the discount produce shop.
(Oct 15, 2016 07:19 PM)elte Wrote: I just got reminded to get some mushrooms today from the discount produce shop.

Big Grin  excellent!

I wish there was a discount produce shop near me, but...there are local farmers markets and they're more reasonable than the grocery store.
(Oct 15, 2016 06:09 PM)Leigha Wrote: I love quinoa, and think I'll try to make this soon - a vegan option for stuffed peppers Smile

I don't think I've tried that, I tend to go with Couscous for pepper stuffing occasionally (You can also stuff Courguette's/Squashes and large steak tomatoes). 
Either a Moroccan or spicy variety.

Admittedly Healthfood shops come at a Premium unfortunately (Even after the hubbub about overly inflated prices), farmers markets are one way, growing your own or asking if a neighbour is producing extra is another.

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