10 ingenious elevated designs + Bamboo replacing wood + Bergamo sofa: design find

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10 Ingenious Elevated Architecture Designs

EXCERPT: Living space is at a premium in densely populated cities throughout the world, which requires architects to get creative with their designs. And some savvy homebuyers appreciate a unique division of space that makes the most of their land, while offering a stylish alternative to traditional creations. That’s where elevated architecture comes into play — structures that stretch to the sky and minimize their footprint. Here are some cleverly designed examples of the elevated style that offer unique concepts and wonderful views....

Every Room in the Home Has a Place for Bamboo

EXCERPTS: Properly sourced and manufactured bamboo can be an alternative to wood if you like that look but want to use something that is more sustainable in your home. “Bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable material, meaning that it can be harvested in less than 10 years and is used in the interiors of many types of projects,” said Lisa Kamphaus [...] “It is lightweight, strong and versatile."

[...] While it is commonly used as flooring, it is becoming more widely used for furniture, textiles and window coverings.” [...] bamboo is becoming more common in the United States. “Bamboo definitely has become more of a mainstream product over the last 20 years,” said Aurora Sharrard.

Design Find: Modani’s Bergamo Sofa

EXCERPTS: There’s no avoiding it — the sofa has become the most important anchor piece in any home. And couches are particularly important today, and not just because we spend so much time sitting on them. Rather, because contemporary homes tend toward streamlined minimalism, there’s not much else, other than a bold painting or maybe a sculptural occasional chair or two, to make a “statement.” Couches, sofas, divans, have stepped fearlessly into that role.

We’re convinced that one of the best modern sofas out there is the Bergamo sofa, sold by Modani, a furniture company born in the Wynwood design district of Miami, which now has stores distributed across the U.S. What makes the Bergamo such a perfect choice for contemporary and minimalist homes is that it manages to walk that very fine line — yes, it is a bit trendy, but it’s also elegant, and enduring. It’s got a low-slung feel, which makes it modern, but sharp-stitched lines and soft cushions, which makes it feel timeless. [...] it masterfully anchors a contemporary room, feeling grounded and airy at one and the same time, thanks to a design which does not show legs but still hovers just a bit above the floor....

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