Best festivals in North America 2016

Glow necklaces. Beer. Food cart cuisine. Live music. Art. Molly. And camping out. What's not to love for the adventurous in spirit and the curious by nature. Here's a compilation of many of the best summer and fall festivals slated for 2016. And remember---bring your own mosquito repellant to ward of the ever-lurking Zika virus!

Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas Nevada

[Image: Electric_Daisy_Carnival_2015_Marc_van_de...niac_1.jpg]

Electric Forest, Rothbury Michigan

[Image: electricforest.jpg]

Burning Man, Black Rock Nevada

[Image: HERO_BURNING_MAN_Sidney_Erthal.jpg]

Bumbershoot, Seattle Washington

[Image: 5ed28abdef3ac9b8d22fe0084871a23fa0f2c2c0...1f40_large]

Bonnaroo, Manchester Tennessee

[Image: tumblr_mnrzb9VI3Y1s93eiho1_1280.jpg]

Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission Texas

[Image: Festival_Fireworks_2014.jpg]

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