Personality traits affect willingness to do mindfulness"

#1  --   "...evaluated the relationship between five aspects of personality—neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, conscientiousness, and agreeableness—among a group of older adults and how often they used the MBSR techniques they were taught during an 8-week training program and at follow-up 6 months later."
Quote:. . . MBSR, which combines yoga, meditation, and body scanning, may be especially helpful as a non-pharmacological approach to coping with emotional distress, loneliness, and insomnia and to improving balance and coordination.

Hopefully alternative approaches that are effective will eventually work their way into the mainstream treatment handbook. Anything to get away from the contemporary era's all-devouring pill philosophy.
I attend a weekly mindfulness training support group every week for anxiety and depression. It is a technique for distancing oneself from one's immediate thoughts and feelings by focusing on the sensations. You ground yourself in your breathing and your body in its most relaxed state, allowing your mind to quiet down. The logic is solid. We send a message to our brain when we do slow rhythmic breathing to slow down and relax like when we are asleep. It reads this que and knows how to lower its consciousness into a theta state of awareness. You do not stop the anxiety or depression or anger. You just detach yourself from it--observing it neutrally as pure immediate awareness.

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