Top 10 Fastest Electric Vehicles (For Now)


EXCERPT: How fast can electric go? Pretty freaking fast. We're not just talking all-electric racing cars, either. Motorcycles, boats, remote-controlled cars and even bar stools push the limits. "Electric motors have the advantage of instant torque, which means that you don't have a clutch and you don't have transmission," said Joshua Allan, vehicle engineering manager for electric drive system maker AC Propulsion. "That kind of power can get addicting quick." The vehicles featured here are based on top speeds instead of acceleration. Race parameters vary, and no one official organization evaluates all electric vehicle types. In some drag races, contestants have a quarter mile to be the quickest. In landspeed racing, top speeds are calculated over longer distances. Since records are regularly being broken, all of these leaders could change faster than you can say, "recharge."...

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