Disc engine provides high power density

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http://www.gizmag.com/wave-disc-generato...ult-widget --  "The culmination of years of research, the latest version is in the form of a spinning metal disc with precisely-calculated radial channels. Fuel/air mixture enters via the central hub and travels outwards. As the disc spins the channel exit becomes closed off causing a back-shock. Because the inlet port is now closed off to the channel this causes compression (like a piston) and the fuel/air mixture is then ignited. The expansion of the explosion powers the wheel, opening the channel once more to the inlet and outlet ports. The exhaust gas is ejected and fuel/air is sucked in to repeat the process - at very high speed naturally."

I think this engine would work well in a gas/electric hybrid, especially in a small vehicle where weight matters more.
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Hopefully it won't fade into the background of the other pistonless rotary engines that have tried to rival the Wankel in terms of public attention.

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