Soviet collapse & methane emissions + Seasons on Mars - How they compare with Earth

Soviet collapse might explain mysterious trend in global methane emissions

EXCERPT: . . . Once they had their data, the scientists looked at what might have been behind the plateau. They found a sharp dip in methane concentrations after 1992; that dip corresponded with a decrease in a source with a carbon isotopic value of about -40‰. “That squarely fits the fossil fuel signature,” Schaefer says. The data don’t themselves prove what led to such a dramatic decrease in emissions, but Schaefer’s team had a guess: the collapse of fossil fuel production in the Soviet Union following its 1991 breakup. So why did methane emissions start to climb again around 2006....

Seasons On Mars - How Do They Compare With Earth?

EXCERPT: Mars is Earth like in some ways, but in other ways it's very different with its global dust storms every two years, its thick sheets of dry ice at its ice caps in winter. Any fresh water is close to its very low boiling point in the near vacuum. And the eccentric orbit also has a big impact on its seasons. So how do its seasons work exactly and what effect does this have on its climate?...

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