Electronics overhangs + Are we designing safely? + 21 Tips 4 Grad Chemical Engineers

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Electronics swarms -overhangs

EXCERPT: . . . I don't know why. It just works that way - problems come in swarms, or storms. The latest swarm relates to panelized boards and components that stick over the edge of the board. We build things like that all the time. The problem comes in when the panel tabs come out right where the component overhangs. If the component overhangs in the cut out area, it's usually not a problem. However, if the component is on the connection tabs, we can't place that part without first depaneling. Probably the most common example is...

Embedded Software Can Kill But Are We Designing Safely?

EXCERPT: A survey of embedded design practices leads to some disturbing inferences about safety. If you were the user of a safety-critical embedded device and learned that the designers had not followed best practices and safety standards in the design of the device, how worried would you be? I know I would be anxious, and quite frankly, the results of the Barr Group's recent annual Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey indicate that we all need to be concerned...

21 Tips for Graduate Chemical Engineers

EXCERPT: When you leave university and get a job most engineering graduates are thrown in the deep end, expected to be competent in the work place and in a new industry. This can be very daunting and is a time full of unknowns. Below are some tips to try to make sense of the exciting new position that graduate chemical engineers find themselves in....

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