The $250 Cob House + Out of Surface Space, Island of Singapore Expands Underground

Tiny House Trend: The $250 Cob House

EXCERPT: We will always be fans of minimalism and high concept arcitecture, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love whimsical, earthy approaches. In fact, we are quite taken with hobbit homes, tree houses and anything that looks like it belongs right in “Middle Earth.” And a retired school teacher from Oxforshire, England, proves that you can create your own little hobbit home with just a wee budget of $250. Another plus aside from the low costs involved? Michael Buck relied on pre-used, natural, reclaimed and mostly biodegradable materials, building his structure with earth, sand, clay, water and straw – a prehistoric method called Cob. He’s self-taught and drew up the plans himself....

Out of Surface Space, Island of Singapore Expands Underground

EXCERPT: Bound by water on all sides, the city-state of Singapore is pioneering subterranean urban development, starting with storage and transportation systems and escalating with plans for power plants, sports stadiums, libraries and more....

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