ISIS drug fiends take hallucinogenic drug

"PSYCHOTIC ISIS fighters are using a notorious cheap, easy-to-produce cocaine-like drug which allows them to keep fighting for hours on end, often with little food or sleep. It also triggers psychotic episodes.

PUBLISHED: 09:15, Fri, Nov 20, 2015 | UPDATED: 13:19, Fri, Nov 20, 2015

Captagon allows those fighting in Syria to stay in battle for hours, often with no food or sleep
There is some evidence the killers who struck in Paris last Friday may have been high on the drug, which is produced by ISIS chemists and sells across Syria and the Middle East for as little as 90p a tablet.

Captagon, the trade name of a now banned German drug designed to treat ADHD, has in it’s copy-cat home-made form, for years been the narcotic of choice for many in the Middle East.

The drug, whose generic name is Fenethylline, increases aggression at higher doses and abusers can have aural and visual hallucinations, psychotic episodes or extreme dysphoria that manifests as paranoia or depression. It also carries the risk of heart failure or brain haemorrhages, followed by death."===

[Image: isis.jpg]
Trying to mimic the Viking Beserkers and their potentially mythical ingestion of fly agaric / amanita mushrooms? Or just historically inspired by Manson's drug-crazed disciples and their "canine blood-drinking, racist paranoia, apocalyptic cult worship, messianic hysteria, and mass murder"?

Never mind that the Qur'an and hadith forbid drugs unless they have medicinal use. Since they've got a loophole for all their other supposed scriptural violations, too.

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