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Biden will drop out of 2024 race?

C C Offline
Biden will drop out of 2024 race. And this is what may happen next.

VIDEO EXCERPT: President Biden's supercharged State of the Union address a few months ago quieted talk among Democrats about forcing him to drop his bid for a second term. But the quieting was only temporary. The continued painfully obvious mental decline of our commander-in-chief has revived widespread public speculation of his withdrawing.

A few observers think that this might be the political equivalent of a head fake -- lowering expectations for his upcoming debate performance against Donald Trump.

That highly anticipated verbal slugfest is barely three weeks away. [...] This time it's more extensive and the tone more anxious. The fact that several Democrats -- almost always off the record -- are whispering concerns to the media reveals growing worries about this president's fitness.

To stay the course for this campaign, hardly anyone believes he can navigate the rigors of a second term. This of course leads to basic questions: Will Biden bow out before the June 27 debate with Trump? Unlike his appearances these days, the president won't be aided by teleprompters. His unscripted remarks are routinely and embarrassingly confused and garbled.

Would a combination of anger -- which might fuel a temporary clarity of mind, extensive rehearsals, and some exotic elixir, enable Biden to complete a 90-minute debate? Especially since the likely moderators would be on his side and former president Trump might over play his hand?

Perhaps this is what certain White House aides and the powerful, highly influential first lady are counting on. It's a high risk, however. A fumbling performance would make a subsequent pullout particularly humiliating, even if Biden makes it through the June 27 challenge.

His continuing decline in public and private meetings will fire up ever deepening misgivings among voters, knowing that a ballot cast for Biden would be a ballot cast for Kamala Harris to sit in the Oval Office, when Biden steps down...
Yazata Offline
The democratic primaries are already concluded, after having been manipulated to keep RFK Jr off the ballot in some states and the order of primaries changed to favor Biden. So Biden has by far the largest number of convention delegates. If he were to drop out, those delegates would be freed up and be up for grabs. And I expect that a whole collection of contestants would soon be battling tooth and nail for them.

Kamala Harris would expect that as Vice President she should automatically get the nod. If she doesn't, big parts of the race and gender obsessed democratic party would not be happy. RFK Jr would redouble his efforts. California Governor Gavin Newsome would probably show up. It's hard to know which others might appear. Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer has some popularity in the party, which needs to carry Michigan to beat Trump. Elizabeth Warren might slither in, as might (horrors!) Hillary. The radicals might have their favorite, maybe one of the "squad" waving a Palestinian flag.

Suddenly a nomination that was a foregone conclusion would be exciting for Americans like me to watch: the scene of intense high-pressure politicking, with the conclusion unknown until the last delegate vote is conducted. Arms would be twisted, promises (and threats) made. It would be less a coronation and more a battle to the death.

The problem is that coming out of that kind of convention sprung on them with no warning, the democratic party would be riven by factionalism and resentment. Whoever they choose to be their nominee would have to work to heal all the bad feeling inside her own party, while simultaneously battling Donald Trump and the far more unified Republican party.
Magical Realist Online
I wish he would drop out. Some have speculated Gavin Newsom might run. But he may be too progressive for my blood.
Zinjanthropos Offline
Maybe Trump has to be careful to not insult all American seniors should he be rough on Joe. Then again Mother Nature could interfere and Joe drops dead instead of out. Sympathy votes maybe.
Yazata Offline
(Jun 11, 2024 08:53 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: Maybe Trump has to be careful to not insult all American seniors should he be rough on Joe.

The issue is less that Biden is old than that he's visibly feeble and appears to be suffering from growing senile dementia. Trump isn't really all that much younger, but comparatively he's the picture of energy wherever he goes. He exudes energy.

Quote:Then again Mother Nature could interfere and Joe drops dead instead of out. Sympathy votes maybe.

Or his mental acuity declines to the point that even his supporters can't ignore it any longer. He might end up in an assisted living facility.

The thing is, that's not going to happen until after the election. If Biden loses he might fall apart relatively quickly once he's not being propped up like he is now.

But if he wins, does anybody really believe he will make it through four more years?

Right now the Deep State favors him because he does what he's told and signs whatever they put on his desk. At some point though, he will become more of a liability than an asset as his senility gets worse.

So the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution might come into play.

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